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Press and media enquiries

Please contact Laura Sharrock-Long or Tony Attwood at Hamilton House Public Relations. Call 01536 399 000.

Outside office hours please call 07714 76 2250 - please note this number is not answered during normal office hours.


A free personal email campaign to teachers when you undertake a shared postal mailing to schools

Next mailings
Here are the details of the first shared mailings for the 2014/15 school year
*Largest 5000 primary schools: 
Leaflets by 27 August, despatch 3 September. 

*Largest 10000 primary school
Leaflets by 27 August, despatch 3 September
*All 24000 primary schools: 
Leaflets by 27 August, despatch 3 September

*All 5000 secondary schools:  
Leaflets by 28 August; despatch 4 September.  

*All 3800 schools with sixth forms: 
Leaflets by 28 August; despatch 4 September.  
*10,000 largest private nursery schools: Leaflets by 5 September; despatch 12 September 

* These mailings come with a free email campaign and free article in UK Education News

And here is the list of all the shared postal mailings that are currently planned between now and January 2015.
The dates that are in red are the shared postal mailings that qualify for a free personal email campaign and a free article in UK Education News.  And for the first time this includes a Nursery Shared mailing
September 2014
Primary - 3rd, 9th 23rd
Secondary – 4th, 16th, 30th
Nursery – 12th
October 2014
Primary – 7th, 28th
Secondary – 14th
November 2014
Primary – 11th
Secondary – 4th, 18th
January 2015
Primary - 6th, 13th, 27th
Secondary – 7th, 20th
Delivery of leaflets is always required a week before with the exception of the mailings on 6th and 7th January where delivery is required by the 19th December.

How to ensure you get the best response rates

There is an article on how to get the best response rates from a postal shared mailing on the Education Marketing Blog.  We do recommend that you have a read of this article, and then if you have any questions, please do give us a call on 01536 399 000.  
We strongly suggest that you put who the leaflet is for (writing for example, “Attn: Head of English) in large text on the top right, so that you make it easy for the administrator to pass the leaflet on to the right person.  This does not apply to leaflets for Nursery Schools..
How the postal shared mailing works 

In a shared postal mailing your leaflet travels with around 10 other items in a pack which goes to the school administrator. 
If you have not been in a shared postal mailing before please call 01536 399 000 or emailChris@hamilton-house.com   and we’ll post you a copy.   To book in a mailing, once again just email Chris.
The free email and UK Education News listing 

In mailings that qualify, once your postal mailing leaflets have been sent out, you can have an email sent to any of our secondary school personal email lists or to the complete generic primary school list. .  Just send in a text only copy of your advert, and we’ll book it in.  The list of personal email lists is a athttp://www.emails.gs/Secondarynamedlist.html

Second, your text only advert can also appear on www.ukeducationnews.co.uk    If your company has not appeared on UK Education News before please do have a look at the site and click on a few headlines and you’ll see how it works.  The power of this medium can be seen from the fact that the average visitor to the site stays on UK Education News for an amazing 33 minutes!  For many teachers it is their prime source of education news.
The costs

For details of the costs please click on the “Price” tab on the left of this page.
Other information and booking details 

To compare response rates between postal shared mailings and other forms of advertising please see http://goo.gl/c2ehez
To check on availability, to talk about leaflet design, and indeed to discuss any points of detail relating to our postal shared mailing please call 01536 399000.   To book into a mailing please email Chris@hamilton-house.com






There is much more on shared mailings, and indeed all types of educational mailings in Tony Attwood's book
Education Marketing: the theory and practice of selling to schools. 

Hamilton House Mailings Ltd has QMP accreditation.

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